More Than Architecture

Here at August Hill, we’re about more than architecture. There’s also project management, planning, feasibility, sustainability, accessibility, context, and more.

More than architecture: At August Hill, we’re looking at the big picture.

Everything we build or remodel has elements and variables that requires more than design and the generation of construction documents.  Some client’s may know exactly what they want and other clients have only a vague idea of what they want.  The budgets may be large or small. 

My experience has been that no project has a successful outcome unless the architect listens, interacts and communicates at such a high level that all those involved are fully integrated and engaged into the success if the project.  Any project has a myriad of design, scheduling and budget issues and getting it to all come together requires everyone to commit to not simply go with the first design, but continue refinement until the project goal is met.  I have worked with a lot of architects and engineers that have a take it or leave it attitude because more “design time” is not in their budget or “our design is not to be questioned”.  In the opposite world I have had the great pleasure of working with teams that understand that design is a process.  It is a process that requires refinement to coax out the best solution.

Of course each client and project is unique and requires different variations of services.  Services such as:

  • Project Management
  • Pre-Planning
  • Feasibility
  • Sustainability Strategies
  • Design+Build
  • Interior Design

As your architect,  August Hill Architects believes in tailoring services to fit your need without compromising commitment.  A free design process guide is available for your convenience.