Phillip Hill, Principal

Phillip Hill, principal, is licensed in Calif. and Wash. He's a LEED AP BD+C professional for residential, education, commercial and government projects.
Meet Phillip Hill, principal at August Hill Architecture.

Phillip Hill has been around for the past thirty years first working in San Diego and then moving to the city of Tacoma.  He is licensed in both California and Washington is a LEED AP BD+C professional.

Working on diverse project types of varied complexities and scale in residential, education, commercial and federal government has reinforced Phillip Hill’s belief in a holistic and integrated approach.  Some of the most important things he has learned is that it is the quality interaction and empathetic communication that are the key elements to the practice of architecture and happy clients. 

Logical, efficient and responsive approaches to your project are fundamental to achieving the intended results.  Yet fun needs to be an inherent aspect as well.  It loosens up the imagination in the design process to come up with ideas that may not have been thought of.   It also builds a trust and connection that, as challenges arise, those on the team have a much stronger common desire to work for the same goal.  These common goals have an added benefit allowing clients to make well informed decisions.

Phillip Hill: “The best designs place people first.”

Phillip Hill  is easy to talk with so feel free to contact him if you have an architectural or construction question. His motto is:

“Buildings and places are for people and the best designs place people first.”      

His favorite quote is from Frank Lloyd Wright:

“A building should grow out of the ground and into the light”