Public Architecture

August Hill Architects is an experienced, highly-qualified and trusted government contractor committed to the enterprise of Integrated Project Delivery for public architecture.

We place a strong emphasis on whole building design, universal accessibility, sustainability, and design quality control. Our clients include the U.S. Navy, the Army Corps of Engineers, and the Washington State Board for Community and Technical Colleges.

The core of making a public architecture project successful is that process are outcome based and decisions are not made solely on a cost basis. At the core is a collaborative, integrated and productive group of folks sharing the risks and rewards based on a transparency and trust.

The traditional approach for projects consists of the hiring of a designer on one side and hiring a low-bid contractor on another side. This historically leads to projects built on confrontation and one up-man-ship. It supposedly is designed to give the tax payer the most for their contribution. This delivery rarely works, unless the drawings are near perfect and the low-bid contractor has covered everything. Never the less, it is Change Order nightmare. Design-build has been developed to counter the typical conflicts and minimize risks to all parties.

August Hill Architects’ approach towards public architecture consists of the following best practices.

  • Whole Building Design
  • Universal accessibility
  • Sustainability
  • Design Quality Control